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Zen and the art of Narrowboating

Updated: Jul 9

So, as the title suggests, I am currently living on a narrowboat somewhere around the canal network that crosses and curves through Birmingham.

For those unaccustomed to the canals of England, a narrowboat is a (usually) flat bottomed boat made out of solid steel. They are usually 6'10" and can vary in length up to around 70'; mine is 54 1/2'

How I come to be here? When less than a year ago I was living in a very respectable house I mostly co-owned with my wife, I had a very well-paid job and was very successful at it. I even had the nice new luxurious executive sports saloon outside. But here I am, unemployed, living off savings and knackering myself out refurbishing what most people consider a holiday vacation home.

But, as different as it is, I wouldn't change a thing. Back then I was unhappy, trapped and constantly circling the spiral of depression. Now I feel free, at peace. I finally feel that I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing, rather than existing through suffering.

This following blog journals my journey, or as much as I can remember of it. I hope to capture my journey through England's waterways, the project of restoration, and the journey of self-discovery as I deepen my spiritual practices.

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